From classic color combinations (hello, blue and white!) to funky, brightly-hued furniture, expect to see throwback styles and serious color on people’s porches this summer.

1. Indoor Living, Outside

Good Southerners know this is nothing new, simply an approach to life, but it looks like the rest of the nation has finally caught on: bringing the outdoors in, and the indoors out. Porches and patios are now outdoor replicas of indoor living rooms, thanks to better and better rug, furniture, and textile options.

2. Coastal Colors

Outdoor spaces are still riding that blue-and-white wave. (A classic combo!) Think natural, global patterns in hues of indigo, turquoise, royal blue, and seafoam. Even if you’re landlocked, the right tones can transport your backyard oasis.

3. Throwback Everyday

It’s hard to pick just one era to inspire your style. That’s evident in outdoor furnishings and finishes. Outdoor pieces are leaning heavy on bygone trends–and not one particular era. So much now–from lounge chairs inspired by Jackie O. to deco tile–is influenced by so much of the past.

4. Mosaic and Terrazzo

Stay with us. Although it may bring back memories of 70s offices and public transportation stations, terrazzo is creeping quietly (though stylishly) back on the stage. Durable, efficient, and visually interesting, the composite material works in a variety of different spaces (indoor and out!) and plays nicely into the mosaic and textured trend.

5. Natural Textures and Woven Materials

This is where both the classic camp and those of the more free-spirited boho look can get on board. Wicker, rattan, and other natural or woven materials are all already staples on Southern porches. They’re classic, reliable, and easy to cater to your style. Be on the lookout for more this summer.

6. Color

If what seems like an endless selection of muted, mass-produced, could-fit-in-anyone’s-backyard patio furniture makes you groan, then this is your year. Expect bright yellows, fresh greens (on trend with Pantone’s color of the year!), and other punchy hues to crop up on porches and patios.