Macramé, the art of knotting rope, is a trendy way to make your own boho-chic inspired plant hangers. It’s a trend that’s been resurrected from the 70s and it’s even better than before. If you’re a plant lover, you’ll love the way these hangers will put your plants on display both indoors and outdoors.

Making your first DIY macramé plant hanger is a project that may seem daunting at first, but once you’ve learned the basics, it’s actually quite easy! Today, we’ll show you how to make a macramé plant hanger using basic knots and patterns.

Here are the three types of basic knots we’ll be using in the tutorial:

  • Square knot
  • Half square knot or spiral knot
  • Loop knot

We’ll go over each type of knot during the video, but if you’d like more practice with these before you get started check out this helpful tutorial on basic macramé knots.


  • 8 pieces of 15 foot long cotton cord (3.1mm thick)
  • 2” brass ring
  • 2 pieces of 5 foot rope

How to Make a Macramé Plant Hanger: Video Tutorial

In this video, we’ll show you how to create a simple macramé plant hanger that will help you showcase your favorite hanging plants and put them on display.

How to create a macramé plant hanger:

  1. Gather all 8 pieces of cord, fold in half and loop through the ring.
  2. Using your 5 foot long piece of string, tie a loop knot right below the ring.
  3. Take four strands and tie a square knot. Repeat 6 times.
  4. Repeat this pattern with the next group of 4 cords, and repeat for the remaining cords.
  5. Leave a 2 ½ inch gap and tie a half square knot.
  6. Repeat until you’ve created a 5 inch spiral.
  7. Repeat this pattern for the remaining knot groups.
  8. Leave a 6 inch gap and create a crossover square knot using the 2 right cords from your first group and the 2 left cords from the adjacent group.
  9. Repeat for the remaining knot groups.
  10. Leave 6 inch gap and create another crossover square knot by alternating the cords from the previous step.
  11. Leave a 3 ½ inch gap and and tie a loop knot.
  12. Trim off excess cord to create a tassel finish.