Women’s Equality Day, which celebrates the ratification of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote, takes place today, August 26th! There are many ways in which to celebrate this occasion, and the most obvious is being active toward the issues that women are still facing, such as wage equality, representation in technical fields, visibility in leadership roles and educational opportunities, to name a few. It certainly never hurts to get involved, and you can learn about these issues through The United State of Women.

But this day doesn’t have to only be about grand gestures. On a more personal level, there are things we can do to not only celebrate the day, but enjoy it with all the wonderful women in our lives! We encourage you to make the most of it by being present with the people you love and contributing thoughtfully to your family and friends.

Spend the Day with Your Mom

Try being emotionally available to her, whether she’s present with you, on the phone, on a Skype call, or otherwise. Listen to what she has to say. It doesn’t matter what you do together — you could be getting your nails done or cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge — all that matters is that you’re taking the time to be together.

Write a Letter to your Grandmother

We know, you’ve been putting it off — and that’s okay! Consider taking some time to get it done today, and yes — we’re talking about an actual handwritten letter. Pop that thing in the mail, and then picture how happy your grandma will be when she receives it. All tardiness will be forgotten, and you will have made her day.

Make a Family Video

It doesn’t have to be fancy in the slightest; simply grab an iPhone or a video camera and record some moments from the day. These can be with your mom, sister, daughter, grandmother, wife, anyone whom is important to you. When you’re done, share it with them. Make sure it’s saved somewhere reliable, so you can access it again in years to come.

Call your Best Friend

Tell her how things are going with you; the highs, the lows and everything in-between. Good friends are often in the same category as family, and they should be reminded of their importance. Whether or not you learn something new about your friend is not the aim; it’s simply to reconnect and stay caught up. Even if you just talked yesterday.

Share, Share, Share!

Life is all about giving and learning, so we encourage you to share something about yourself with the women closest to you. Perhaps it’s something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest for a long time, or maybe it’s something smaller — either way, consider getting it out in the open today. It may be difficult at first, but good things never come easy.

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