Teaming up with the UK’s garden retailer, Dobbies, author and stylist Selina Lake has shown just how many different floral arrangements can be created in the home using a selection of spring and summer blooms.

With flowers including royal wedding favourites, peonies, foxgloves and roses, as well as eucalyptus, astrantia and white wax flowers, you can create a wonderful floral display to complement your interiors.

‘To achieve any of these looks, you need to first condition the flowers by removing the lower leaves on the stem, plus any sharp thorns,’ advises Selina. ‘Snip the ends diagonally and plunge into a bucket of cool water until you are ready to create your display.’

Get some inspiration below:

Table centrepiece

Selina says… ‘Pick a low vessel with a wide opening and make sure it’s watertight, then cut a piece of oasis to fit inside the vessel and soak well in water. If needed, hold in position using florist tape. Starting with the foliage, begin to fill the oasis with a base layer of greenery. Follow with your chosen flower stems, remembering to keep turning the vessel and filling out all the sides for a balanced display. Save the most delicate flowers till last to avoid bruising the petals. The arrangement can be relaxed and informal, so keep adding flowers until you’re happy with how it looks.’

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