The rose is a classic flower that is used to celebrate countless occasions. From receiving a single red rose from your first love, to giving mom a bouquet of pink roses to tell her thank you on Mother’s Day, there are different rose colors that are used to express different meanings.

Red roses are known as the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Pink roses of all hues ranging from light pinks to fuchsia, represent admiration and gratitude, and are the perfect way to say thank you. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion and sends a message of excitement. White roses represent purity and innocence and can also represent reverence for a loved one.

Since it’s so easy to incorporate roses into life’s most memorable moments, why not celebrate everyday with roses? With everything that life can throw at you, it’s easy to get discouraged or feel a lack of motivation to power through your day. That’s why we created these five rose backgrounds to brighten it up!

Each rose background includes words of encouragement and inspiring quotes that will be sure to inspire your creativity, and motivate you to think positively. Decorate your computer desktop, or iPhone wallpaper with these backgrounds to remind yourself to stay positive and to find something new to celebrate everyday!

Fill Your Heart With Love and Flowers


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