It’s officially Fall, which means that you can finally justify the scarves you have been wearing for the past week, and also: it’s time for fall weddings! It’s the magical season where the leaves are changing and the air is getting a bit more crisp and cool, so it’s no coincidence that some of the most unforgettable weddings happen during fall. More specifically, in the outdoors, during the Fall.

The best part about Fall outdoor weddings? They’re perfect for brides on a budget, or DIY-savvy brides. However, you can’t just show up to a random area in the forest and expect nature to do the rest. You’re not Snow White, as much as you wish you could be.

While the whole point of an outdoor wedding is to let nature to be the backdrop, sometimes you need a little more than a tree and some moss to set the tone. You need to separate the ceremony from the reception and show your guests where they need to go. Basically, you need to create a small venue in the great outdoors. Otherwise, your guests will be lost in the forest, and that could be detrimental toward the end of the wedding.

We’ve scoured through tons of romantic, rustic, and glamorous outdoor weddings to find some of the best DIY backdrops and arches for your big day. Most of them have DIY tutorials, but some don’t. For the backdrops without tutorials, just have faith that you can, in fact, do it yourself.

Delicately Drapey

For a flower wall almost as beautiful as the bride, bunch together pastel blooms and drape in fabric reminiscent of a veil.

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