A beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers is one of the best surprises anyone can receive. But what do you do with the vase after the blooms have lost their glory? Of course, you can always use them for another arrangement, but there are so many other creative ways to use them.

From organizing things around the house to easy DIY crafts, like creating your own DIY lamp, there are countless ways to upcycle your favorite vases. Check out the 11 creative ways to reuse vases that we’ve come up with below.

Store dog treats and toys.

resuable vase ideas dog toys

Sometimes, Fido’s toys and treats can easily get scattered all over the house. Keep your pup’s items in one place by storing their treats like bones, bouncey balls, and other toys in a decorative vase. Place the vase in an area that’s easy accessible so that it’s easy to reach for when it’s play time!

Finally, all those extra pieces of yarn have a home!

reusable vase ideas yarn

Whether you’re a master knitter or an amateur crocheter, you’ll need an easy way to store all that extra yarn. Store balls of yarn by placing them in the vase along with your favorite pair of knitting or crochet needles so that you’ll have everything you need in one place for your next project.